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League Park - First and Last

League Park Waiting for Tickets- ( (photo - Cleveland Memory Project)

League Park II Firsts
aka Dunn Field (1920-27)
Cleveland, OH

Game 04/21/1910 Tigers 5, Indians 0
  Umpires Jack Sheridan, John Kerin
  Managers Deacon McGuire, Indians
    Hughie Jennings, Tigers
  Starting Pitchers Cy Young, Indians
    Ed Willett, Tigers
  Ceremonial Pitch American League President Ban Johnson
  Attendance 18,832
  Batter Matty McIntyre (ground out)
  Hit Nig Clarke (single)
  Run Oscar Stanage
  RBI Ed Willett
  Single Nig Clarke
  Double Oscar Stanage
  Triple Sam Crawford (04/22/1910)
  Home Run Roy Hartzell (05/28/1910)
  Grand Slam Ivy Olson (05/18/1911)
  IPHR Roy Hartzell (05/28/1910)
  Stolen Base Sam Crawford
  Sacrifice Hit Oscar Stanage
  Sacrifice Fly George Stovall (04/22/1910)
  Cycle Ski Melillo (05/23/1929)
  Win Ed Willett
  Loss Cy Young
  Shutout Ed Willett
  Save N/A
  Hit by Pitch Ed Willett hit Joe Birmingham
  Wild Pitch Cy Young
  Balk George Kahler (05/25/1911)
  No-Hitter Wes Ferrell (04/29/1931)

League Park II Lasts
aka Dunn Field (1920-27)
Cleveland, OH

Game 09/21/1946 Tigers 5, Indians 3 (11 innings)
  Umpires Joe Rue, Art Passarella, Charlie Berry
  Managers Lou Boudreau, Indians
    Steve O'Neill, Tigers
  Starting Pitchers Bob Kuzava, Indians
    Dizzy Trout, Tigers
  Attendance 2,772
  Batter Jack Conway (lined into double play)
  Hit Gene Woodling (single)
  Run George Kell
  RBI Dick Wakefield
  Single Gene Woodling
  Double Dale Mitchell
  Triple George Kell
  Home Run Dick Wakefield (09/20/1946)
  Grand Slam Pat Seerey (08/02/1945)
  IPHR Ted Williams (09/13/1946)
  Stolen Base Tom Jordan
  Sacrifice Hit Jimmy Bloodworth
  Sacrifice Fly Oscar Grimes (09/22/1939)
  Cycle Earl Averill (08/17/1933)
  Win Dizzy Trout
  Loss Joe Berry
  Shutout Tex Hughson (09/13/1946)
  Hit by Pitch Charlie Gassaway hit Hoot Evers (09/20/1946)
  Wild Pitch Bob lemon (09/20/1946)
  Balk Ray Scarborough (09/19/1946)
  No-Hitter Wes Ferrell (04/29/1931)
  Putout Hank Greenberg

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